4E Dual Axis Expression Pedal


The 4E dual axis expression pedal will take the place of two expression pedals or let you control multiple effects at the same time. Based on the same ergonomic motion of M440, the 4E contains two, high quality dual ganged Mega Pots. The side to side gear driven motion can control two seperate effects and at the same time the heal toe motion can control another two seperate effects. Four jack connections makes it easy to control midi and analog effect units with a single pedal.

Our multi-axis pedals have a significant advantage over all others. We started with ergonomics first. Using wooden models we tested multiple pivot points of both axes. If you look at all other multi-axis pedals you see the foot plate spins at the center. To operate a pedal like that you have to twist your entire leg at the hip. Our patented design rotates through the center of the leg. That means the foot rolls left to right naturally. This makes it feel great standing or sitting. Also, no pasive pedal has ever controlled 4 indvidual effect parameters with out using midi. The 4E can.

Check out this demo of Pete Thorn with the 4E using multiple effects at the same time.

In this video below Shawn Tubbs shows us how the 4E does simultaneous effect control.


  • Control multiple effects from a single expression device.
  • High quality components and gear driven design for long lasting reliability.
  • Two axis expression control for new effect creation.
  • Saves space by having two pedals in one.
  • Change multiple effects without changing presets.


  •  Heavy Duty steel and aluminum construction.
  • 1 Million cycles to fail, dust and water spray sealed Mega Pots (Nema IP66).
  • All passive components.
  • Ergonomic pedal motion for standing or sitting.


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Price:  $289.00


WxLxH – 4.80″ x 9.96″ x 3.00″.
LEFT/RIGHT rotation is 20 degrees.
UP/DOWN rotation is 20 degrees.
Weight is 3 1/2 lbs.
Potentiometers resistance 25k Linear. Switchable to 10k on U/D1 and L/R1.

Specifications are subject to change.